Apps for Medical Management

Eye Chart Pro (Free):

A randomized visual acuity exam.

MedAlert ($.99):

Med Alert provides reminders of when to take meds.MedAlert.jpg

MedCalc ($.99-4.99):

MedCalc gives access to medical formulas, scores, scales and classifications.medcalc.jpg

Pocket Pharmacist ($2.99):

Pocket pharmacist has easy to understand drug information. Has an organizer to keep track of meds, allergies and doctors.pocket_pharmacist.jpg

TinettiX ($2.99):

Tool used to functionally measure functional mobility and predict falls among elderly.

My Medical ($1.99):

Keep track of personal and family members medical information including, meds, doctors, test results, and medical records.

Wave Sense Diabetes Manager (Free):

Track glucose, insulin doses and carb intake.